Executive Compensation Strategies

For Executives

Incentive compensation can be worth multiple times the cash compensation received by many executives. The nuances of qualified vs. non-qualified incentive stock options, restricted stock vs. restricted stock units, rights of appreciation, phantom stock and other similar financial instruments are complex. How can you be sure you are taking full advantage of the opportunities available from your employer?

Successfully navigating the decisions regarding the timing of execution, the optional benefits selected and the unique tax characteristics of each can add hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to your family’s total wealth accumulation over time. We help clients understand the unique aspects of their compensation and benefits package and work with them to develop a plan to maximize the after tax benefits received.

For Businesses

Talent is the most valuable asset in any business. Are you confident your incentive compensation plan is:

a). Properly structured to drive the results you’re looking for;

b). Designed in a tax-effective way for your business and;

c). Perceived as valuable by your top employees?

Today’s highly competitive market for talents means you can’t afford to miss the mark with your incentive compensation programs. Speak with us to review your existing incentives or to design a new incentive compensation program that rewards employees effectively and drives results for your business.