Strategic Philanthropy

Giving money away can be more complicated than expected when you have specific impact objectives in mind. It’s more than just writing a check. It’s about changing the world. How can you be sure your gifts are funding to your intended purpose? Is there a way to give more without affecting your family’s lifestyle? What other assets aren’t being considered that could be used to create impact?

We address these questions and many more when we meet with a family to engage in philanthropic planning. We encourage clients and prospects to meet with us as early on in the gift and legacy planning process as possible so we can help uncover the deeper goals and purposes behind their desire to give. Once we have clarified the reason and meaning of the gift (the deeper why) we can leverage our team of independent planned giving professionals and consultants to optimize the amount, form, timing and recipient of the gift (the what and the how).

We have relationships with planned giving professionals at many institutions in Central Texas and are always open to collaborating with the team at your nonprofit of choice. Let us work with you as a strategic partner and advocate for your goals.