Case Studies

The value of engaging an experienced wealth management and advanced planning team can be difficult to quantify at times. We have included several case studies below for your benefit to help illustrate the type of value we can add for the families who hire us.

Each case describes a unique situation for a family with concerns similar to those you may have. The details of each case include facts, situations and strategies pulled from actual clients our advisers have served in their careers but which have been modified to protect our clients’ privacy.

The Mitchells: Lifetime Income & Family Legacy

Farmers & Ranchers have unique needs and opportunities when it comes to planning for their retirement. Whether they want to sell to outsiders or keep the family in the business, a little planning in advance can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars more for your family. Find out how Alan & Jane Mitchell funded their retirement, reduced their tax burden and kept the farm in the family. Click Learn More below to read their full story.

The Burkes: Can We Sell, Give and Still Live?

Paul & Katherine founded a small technology company that quickly grew beyond their wildest expectations. They have an opportunity to sell the company but had concerns about the tax implications and whether they could maintain their lifestyle as well as whether they could accomplish their charitable giving goals. Click Learn More below to read their full story.

Dave Hopkins: Planning with Appreciated Assets

Dave had just turned 70. As a CPA, he knew that meant he’d need to start taking distributions from his retirement account soon. The problem was he loved working and didn’t really need the income. He also had some highly appreciated stock from a smart investment he made in a tech startup years ago. With sufficient income and a varied asset mix, Dave wanted to know if he had to just take the hit on taxes when he started pulling money from his IRA. Click Learn More below to read his full story.