We are open about the fact that we are a values-driven firm. Our convictions permeate every level of our company and every interaction we have with our client families. We invite you to read our core values below and ask any member of our firm about how these are lived out at a practical level on a daily basis.

Servant Leadership

True leaders look to serve rather than be served. We try to live this principle in each interaction with our clients, our staff, our vendors and our strategic partners.


We will be who we say we are, do what we say we will do and we will only recommend strategies, investments and approaches to our clients that we would feel comfortable recommending for our own families.


We believe everything we have is a gift from God. Therefore, we try to remember we are to be wise stewards of our resources and give generously of our time, talent and treasure just as they were generously given to us.


We believe that all people deserve respect regardless of their gender, race, religion, economic status, background or lifestyle. We hold ourselves to a high standard, treat others with dignity and expect to be treated the same way.

Lifelong Learning

We strive to be reliable experts in our field. However, we recognize the field of wealth management is constantly changing and evolving. We believe we owe it to our clients and ourselves to seek out ongoing education and stay informed on the latest tools, topics, trends and technology.

Positivity & Fun

We believe in hard work but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun doing it. The work we are entrusted with by our clients comes with a requisite seriousness and the issues of life can get heavy at times. We seek to bring a positive lightheartedness to our interactions whenever possible and appropriate.  We want each person who works at or interacts with our company to be uplifted and encouraged on a daily basis.