We work with successful families who desire to make the transition from great financial success to significance and lasting impact. We provide consultative wealth management, legacy planning and philanthropic strategy development as well as goals-based investment and risk management services.

Corporate Executives

  • Fortune 1000 or Global 200 companies
  • Desire to maximize their after-tax wealth retention
  • Have substantial stock option or other incentive compensation
  • Cash flow management is a key consideration
  • Need proactive tax planning to maximize deductions
  • Need to coordinate their company’s multiple benefit & retirement plan options
  • Want to plan for the eventual transition into retirement
  • Need to ensure a lifetime income for their family
  • Want to maintain their social circle and lifestyle after their working years
  • Desire to develop a plan beyond work for purpose-driven living
  • Want to create impact and use their experience to develop the next generation
  • Need to proactively plan for family cohesion and family time

Family Business Owners

  • Often first generation wealth creators
  • Farmer/ranchers, real estate developers or have a niche business
  • Unique planning opportunities as well as tax issues to be considered
  • Need an estate plan that considers both the family legacy concerns and tax implications
  • Need to plan for an eventual exit via sale, succession or cessation
  • Want to maximize wealth retention on an after-tax basis
  • Have key employees to retain for the continuity of the business
  • Desire to prepare the next generation of owners to lead & manage
  • Concerned about leaving too much or not enough to their children
  • Concerned about how their wealth will impact their children who may not remember the days of the business before the wealth was created
  • The wealth creators want to develop a unique family mission that lasts generations

Affluent Families & Individuals

  • Often entrepreneurs or possibly second or third generation wealth inheritors
  • May have recently come into considerable wealth
  • Often are expecting a major liquidity event like a business sale or inheritance in the near future
  • May be recently divorced and in need of help organizing and managing their finances
  • Desire to become a 100-year dynasty families
  • Hold real estate, closely held stock and other illiquid assets
  • Desire to create an income stream they cannot outlive