Entrepreneur Development

Entrepreneurs often present a unique challenge for traditional wealth management approaches. They typically have an above average need for fast access to capital, lopsided balance sheets and long term plans can quickly be stymied by new opportunities. This mismatch in priorities between the wealth manager and the entrepreneur can sometimes result in the entrepreneur avoiding planning altogether.

Our experience working with successful serial entrepreneurs has been integrated into a unique framework tailored to their needs. We modify and adapt the traditional wealth management approach to provide for increased liquidity, multiple strategies arranged by risk and flexibility levels, risk budgeting and an emphasis on creating new sources of cash flow to supplement long term savings strategies rather than diverting existing resources. We also assist with entity formation planning, capital raise planning and exit planning so each venture can have as smooth a lifecycle as possible.

Our goal is to be a sounding board and strategic partner with our entrepreneur clients rather than a downward force. We can help you maximize your long term wealth creation by partnering together and still give you the flexibility you need to pursue your fast-paced calling.