Family Wealth Management

Our clients have worked for years to accumulate their current resources. For many of them, it’s no longer just about accumulating more. It’s about managing wisely. We view our role as stewards, strategists and wise managers working in partnership with our clients. We provide oversight across the five key elements that make up comprehensive wealth management.

Investment Consulting

We take time to understand your needs, your concerns, and your lifestyle goals to construct investment portfolios tailored to your unique situation. Our team of investment experts provides ongoing management and oversight to help ensure your portfolio captures the return potential of the public equity and fixed income markets as efficiently as possible.

Wealth Enhancement

Taxes and timing are two of the most impactful factors on your family’s long term wealth accumulation. Wealth enhancement is about strategically managing your income, expenses and tax liabilities to provide the greatest benefit to your family.

Wealth Protection

Our society is becoming increasingly litigious and large amounts of wealth have been lost to underestimated risks. We apply our own expertise, as well as the expertise of our external risk management partners, to develop a comprehensive risk management plan using insurance products, legal entity planning, trust creation and self-insurance strategies.

Wealth Transfer

We begin the gift, estate and legacy planning process by understanding your desires around who should share in the benefits of your family’s wealth separate from any potential tax consequences. What you truly want to have happen to your resources after your passing should always be the starting place. We then work directly with your tax and legal advisers to craft a tax efficient strategy around your wishes so only those most important to you are blessed by your legacy.

Charitable Giving & Legacy Creation

Moving from financial success to lasting significance can be the capstone of your family legacy. Philanthropic work during your lifetime as well as integrating charitable giving into your estate plan can mean your family’s impact stretches to touch hundreds, even thousands, of lives around the world. Our advisers are equipped to partner with you in your impact work at any stage whether you are just beginning to explore the options for giving or you have an active non profit organization and want to build an endowment.