Heir Coaching & Development

The challenge of effectively managing and maintaining family wealth across generations is not new. “Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations” has been the predominant outcome for successful families for decades. However, research conducted by organizations such as The Williams Group and Russ Alan Prinz & Associates has shown that focusing on preparing heirs early can greatly increase a family’s odds of a successful wealth transition.

We work with clients to understand the family’s unique history, its strengths and challenges and the unique personalities involved. We help Generation 1 (also known as the wealth creators) to develop a plan for gradually bringing heirs into the planning process and helping them develop the skills and perspectives necessary to manage inherited wealth.

We also work directly with the upcoming generations to develop their personal wealth plans independent of their family of origin. We set goals together for their personal and professional development. We also work to create a path toward their own sense of self worth and significance apart from their identity as a member of an affluent family. We recognize long-term success requires that a family collaborate well as a unit and that collaboration is enhanced when each individual feels fulfilled in his or her own right.