Endowment Planning For Non Profit Organizations

Founders of non-profit organizations and private foundations invest heavily both in time and capital in their organizations in the early years. They are passionate about their cause(s) and usually want to be involved in the day-to-day operations. However, it becomes necessary at some point for most organizations to become self-sustaining if they are to extend beyond the lifetime of the founder.

Faykus Financial, LLC  works with founders and fundraisers on endowment creation and endowment building strategies. We find many organizations have untapped resources hidden within their donor base. These hidden donors desire to create lasting legacies for their families but either haven’t been engaged properly by the organizations they support or they simply don’t know where to begin. Let’s work together to give your organization the confidence it can sustain itself for years to come and give a gift to your current and potential donors in the form of a legacy they can be proud of.